And Jesus said, “Let the little ones come on to me…” For 115 years, youth have been active leaders, sharing their faith and serving God’s creation through the ministries Lyndale Lutheran Church.  The church has expanded twice in the past 35 years to make room for more youth!  Youth have an abundance of energy, hope, and sense of humor – they are the prophets that remind us that God is not in the future – God is here and now! Our youth come from 4 different school districts and have a diversity of interests!  All youth grades 7 to 12 are welcome!  Come and see!   

Gearing up for our 2017 Mission trip to Kansas City, MO., june 9-17
7 youth & 2 leaders are excited to serve and see what's in store for us!
our theme?  18 hands = god's work

For Mission Trip 2015 we served in Niagra Falls, NY

We were truly blessed to be able to serve their community!

And 2016 Mission trip? drum roll please......

Logan, West Virginia - whoop!  whoop!

      Upcoming fundraising events for our Logan, Kansas City Mission Trip in 2017.  Here's a sneak peek at what we have planned -

 Sweethearts Dinner in February  

Easter Pancake Breakfast March 27th

Bagging Groceries at Cub, a Saturday in March 

May 14th Mothers Day Omelet Breakfast & Silent Auction

Stay tuned, we'll definitely keep you posted on these events as they approach, Thank you for your support!

Mission Trip 2017, Stepping up & reaching out in Kansas city, MO!

     Thank you to everyone who prayed and gave resources to make the 2017 mission trip a reality. Through God’s grace and your generosity we journeyed to Kansas City. MO with 7 teens and 2 adults.  We worked at Harvesters Food distribution center boxing pallets upon pallets of bread..... and bagging, sealing and boxing 2700 pounds of pasta!  We made friends at the Good Shepherd, a center for adults with disabilities. Worked at an amazing Soup Kitchen and helped with one of the many sites around town which focused on a summer children's literacy program. Whew!  God is good, all the time!  Watch this video to see just how much fun we had serving God's creation!! 

Youth Serving in the City

In March, Pastor Gale and Ryan Rosenow journeyed into the heart of St. Paul with our Youth to Bethlehem Lutheran Church to serve at their weekly free lunch, food shelf, and clothing closet.  We served over 200 people in 90 minutes and went through 8 racks of clothing and 30 banana boxes of fresh fruit, vegies, and bread.  We then journeyed through Frogtown to the Cathedral, the Capital, Christ Lutheran Church on Capital Hill, the Dragon Star Market.  We wrapped up the full day by eating supper at a Cambodia restaurant.  It was a great day of service in the city! 


Christmas Cookies and Candy!

We’ll be shakin and bakin in December to make cookies and candy to sell at Julebord (our traditional lutefisk dinner).  This is a school night so we'll need all hands on deck, AND there are some you can do ahead of time so call Lori if you can make a batch of Christmas cookies.  With the funds raised we will adopt a family for Christmas.  Last year we surrounded a family of 8 with over 32 presents and continue to uplift them in prayer!

Great pictures from our 2013 Mission Trip